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Referee performance in first half of the Argentina Superliga

Last season I wrote a few articles on referee performance metrics in Argentina’s Primera División.  This season I present the same thing for the first half of the re-branded Superliga.The referee-associated metrics that I have collected for each match include yellow/red cards, penalties given, time added on at end of first and second halves, mean […]

Effective time in J-League 2016: Club impact in J2 and J3

The new season of the J-League kicked off tonight, so for completeness’ sake I’m extending my analysis of club impacts on effective time in the J-League to its lower divisions.  The analysis is similar to previous work with a slightly different way of presenting the results.The effective match data was collected by DataStadium as part of an […]

Want 90 minutes of action? Play 120: Effective time for 2014 FIFA World Cup matches decided in extra time

In an earlier post I presented the estimated effective playing time in this summer’s World Cup matches over 90 minutes.  (They are estimates because the raw data used to calculate effective time do not track the moments when the ball leaves the field of play.)  Eight matches were decided in extra time, so for completeness […]