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Integral: Soccermetrics’ Kickstarter campaign

We are very excited to bring to you Integral Magazine: a fully digital, analytics-based football magazine for stats-obsessed football fans and anyone else interested in understanding their favorite sport in a different way. Our Kickstarter Campaign page is here.Soccer has experienced a slow evolution in the use of data to understand the game and make […]

Entrepreneurship and Soccer Analytics

My talk entitled "Entrepreneurship and Soccer Analytics" that I gave at Florida State's Sports Management Conference is now available here as a PDF.  It will also be available on the public FTP site of Soccermetrics Research & Consulting in the Presentations folder.My thanks to Dr. Ryan Rodenberg for extending the invitation to present.  It was a […]

Soccer Pythagorean 2.0 paper released

I completed my write-up of my revised derivations of the soccer Pythagorean formula.  It fixes the problems that I had with overpredicting points and calculating win and draw probabilities that exceeded unity.  Maybe I should come up with a better name, because it no longer looks like the Pythagorean equation.Here's the document link:PythagDerivationVersion2p0.pdf [240kb]I hope […]

Pythagorean results: 2008-09 English Premier League

I've reached the final step in my effort to test my extended Pythagorean formula, using the 2008-09 English Premier League as a test case.  There was a last-minute snag in my plans, however.  I was looking over my equations one more time, and I decided to re-derive everything from the beginning, which is a good […]

The Soccer Pythagorean document

I completed my Soccer Pythagorean document a couple of days ago, but for some reason I had the hardest time developing a PDF file (I used LyX).  I figured it out tonight and I'm linking it to the site now.  I greatly appreciate your comments.Download PythagDerivationMORE (23 October, 10:50pm): I'm compiling some score data from […]