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Referee performance in first half of the Argentina Superliga

Last season I wrote a few articles on referee performance metrics in Argentina’s Primera División.  This season I present the same thing for the first half of the re-branded Superliga.The referee-associated metrics that I have collected for each match include yellow/red cards, penalties given, time added on at end of first and second halves, mean […]

A final look at referee performance in Argentina Primera División 2016-17

At the midpoint of the 2016-17 Argentine Primera División season, I conducted an analysis of the refereeing performance in the competition that focused more on match management — time added on, time between stoppages, and effective time.  At the conclusion of the season, I return to this analysis and include a few metrics that the […]

Argentina Primera 2016-17: Referee Performance Summary

The following chart presents metrics that in their totality provide a picture of the referee’s management of matches worked in the 2016-17 Primera División Argentina.Data supplied by DataFactory.Here’s the key for the table columns, aside from the obvious.  P1 and P2 refer to first and second periods, respectively.  All time is in seconds.Added: Stoppage time added […]

Is there a relationship between “mean-time-between” metrics and effective time?

Since I started to apply mean time between fouls and mean time between stoppages to World Cup data, I was curious to find out if there was any correlation between these “mean-time-between” metrics and the effective match time.  I’ll examine the correlation issues in this post.For reference, here is my post on MTBF for the […]

Introducing mean time between fouls and stoppages

I was looking through this blog at the number of posts that I’ve written about referee performance, and it turns out that there are, as of this date, five posts under that category.  Three of the articles are reviews of research publications, so I’ve actually written very little about the subject.  That’s about to change […]