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What if the UEFA Champions League used proportional allocation?

Last week I wrote about a proportional allocation scheme for the NCAA basketball tournament, drawing on my experience from developing league coefficients for soccer competitions in North America.  I'll apply the scheme to soccer by considering how a similar allocation of "at-large" slots might work for the UEFA Champions League.  (more…)

A proposal for allocation of at-large slots to the NCAA basketball tournament

This is a soccer-centric blog, and I am to keep it that way, but I also know that a lot of basketball analysts read this site.  With that in mind I am going to write about something basketball related that draws upon my experience with developing league coefficients for CONCACAF club competitions in soccer.  It's […]

CONCACAF Club/League Coefficients: 2010-10-21 version

With the group stage having concluded, it is now time to update the CONCACAF club and league coefficients.  For those of you not previously aware of the coefficients, you can find an explanation at my HexagonalBlog site.  These are coefficients tabulated over the last five seasons, including the current one.First, here is the league coefficient […]