CONCACAF Club/League Coefficients: 2010-10-21 version

With the group stage having concluded, it is now time to update the CONCACAF club and league coefficients.  For those of you not previously aware of the coefficients, you can find an explanation at my HexagonalBlog site.  These are coefficients tabulated over the last five seasons, including the current one.

First, here is the league coefficient list (top ten).  The numbers for Puerto Rico and Canada are misleading since they don't have national leagues of their own that feed directly into CONCACAF.  Puerto Rico has the PRSL, but the Islanders don't come from there.  Canada has the CSL, but that league doesn't have a direct berth into the CCL. (I have had to include a clarification due to some comments that I have been receiving.)

Mexico 15.325
Puerto Rico 6.650
USA 6.350
Honduras 5.425
Canada 4.400
Trinidad & Tobago 4.175
Costa Rica 3.550
Guatemala 3.475
Panama 2.600
El Salvador 1.475
Jamaica 0.925

Below is the list of the top twenty clubs on CONCACAF coefficient.  There has been some movement since the previous version, but the top ten remains solidly Mexican with the second ten a mix between US, Central American, and Caribbean clubs. (CORRECTION: I had made a mistake in the country information for some of the clubs; I've since corrected it.  Thanks to Peter for pointing that out.)

Cruz Azul Mexico 83.688
CF Pachuca Mexico 77.688
UNAM Mexico 65.688
Toluca FC Mexico 63.688
Santos Laguna Mexico 63.688
CF Atlante Mexico 60.688
CF Monterrey Mexico 54.688
Chivas Guadalajara Mexico 50.688
Club América Mexico 43.688
Marathón Honduras 36.813
Houston Dynamo USA 36.500
Puerto Rico Islanders Puerto Rico 36.375
DC United USA 32.500
Columbus Crew USA 30.500
CD Olimpia Honduras 28.813
Deportivo Saprissa Costa Rica 27.542
Real Salt Lake USA 24.500
Municipal Guatemala 21.313
W Connection FC Trinidad & Tobago 20.750
Real España Honduras 17.813

And here are the spreadsheets that contain the coefficient data:

Download CCL_NatlCoefficients1011_20101021.ods [48kB]

Download CCL_NatlCoefficients1011_20101021.xls [147kB]