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Updated CONCACAF club coefficients, 2010-04-28 version

The 2009-2010 CONCACAF Champions League has concluded, and the club and league coefficients for the CONCACAF region have been updated.  Since the semifinal and final involved only Mexican clubs, there won't be much change to the league or club coefficients. Obviously the four semifinalists see a bump in their coefficients, especially Pachuca, the new champions.  […]

CONCACAF coefficients, now on Wikipedia

Apparently someone has written an article on the CONCACAF club/league coefficients on Wikipedia.  It references both the current set of CONCACAF coefficients and my formulae for calculating them.  There are some discrepancies that need to be addressed, however: The league coefficient is explained but the results of the league calculations are not presented.  There are […]

Updated CONCACAF club coefficients, 2010-03-20 version

The club and league coefficients for the CONCACAF region have been updated and are released below as a spreadsheet.  I've discussed the coefficient format in previous posts like this one.Below are the domestic league ratings.  All of the eleven nations listed below have been represented in the CONCACAF Champions League and have league coefficients greater […]