What I’m up to this week

This is a busy week for everyone doing analytics work.  People are rushing to complete their final analyses of the 32 finalists, make tournament predictions, and whatever software tools they need to carry out their tasks.  Here is what I'm working on this week:

  • Debugging the data entry forms that implement the Football Match Result Database for leagues without playoffs (version 1.0.0).  There were some SQL that wasn't giving me the results that I needed, but I fixed that tonight (I hope).
  • Add a section of the FMRD specs document for version 1.0.0 on views, and rearrange the document so that tables are grouped by general subject areas (match overview, match personnel, match events).
  • Design extension of FMRD database for hybrid tournaments (league + knockout phase), which just happens to be the format of the World Cup.  (Version 2.0.0?)
  • Build an extension of the data entry forms for this new version of FMRD.
  • Write abstract of paper to submit to NCSSORS, which has to be completed in the next ten days because I won't be here at the end of the month.  (More on that later!)

And I draw a huge sigh of relief upon finding out that NCSSORS "only" requires a 250-word abstract of my paper. 

The new entry forms should be completed tomorrow night.  I need to sit down and think about what new tables and extensions to current ones I need to properly model match result data in the World Cup.

Oh yes, and I have to go to work during the day, which more or less funds this "hobby".  That reminds me that I need to go to bed, which I will do right now.