Thanks, Joe!

I've been getting a lot of traffic from, which I thought was yet another website from the Seattle area sending me lots of love.  I took a closer look and realized that it's APBRmetrics, which is one of the major basketball analytics websites.  Someone asked for sites that were doing analytics-related work for soccer in general and the World Cup in particular.  Thank you Joe Sill for mentioning this site and sending a lot of people this way.  I'm flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as Nate Silver and the work he has done with the SPI. 

Another site that should get a lot of attention for the World Cup is the Soccer by Numbers site.  The author's done some impressive work with his analysis from a social scientist's perspective.  I mean to comment on one of his posts sometime this week, but as you know from the previous post, this is a busy week.

As I told Joe at the MIT conference and repeated on this site, there are some parallels between soccer and basketball when it comes to match analysis, and I believe there are quite a few opportunities for cross-pollination.  To the basketball analysts who frequent this site and follow my Twitter account, your expertise is very much welcome.  (And all other sports, to be sure!)