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Fields Institute launches a sports analytics conference

The Fields Institute at the University of Toronto is organizing a two-day Fields Sports Analytics Workshop in about two months’ time — 24-25 May. The objective of the conference will be to disseminate current methods, practices, and research in sports analytics, and in particular the role of advanced techniques in mathematics, statistics, and computer science.The […]

The MLS Panel at SSAC 2018: Demonstrating the liaison between research and practice

The Major League Soccer panel at the 2018 SSAC was organized at very short notice, but the discussions over the fifty-minute session were engaging and helped to illuminate the tension between analytics research and practice at MLS’ member clubs.This year’s panel was made up of MLS performance and data analysts from the last two league […]

Previewing the 2018 SSAC Research Paper Competition

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is more of a sports business conference these days, but the MIT association conveys a conference that also values rigorous and high-quality research.  The Research Paper competition keeps the SSAC connected to this heritage as it evolves.  This year the competition returns with tracks for publications on Baseball, Basketball, Other […]

2017 SSAC Soccer Analytics panel as it happened

Hello from Boston, where I’ve been covering the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.  It’s time for the Soccer Analytics panel and I’m cautiously optimistic about its prospects.Here’s how the session went down.  These are paraphrased comments and they’re created during the moment, so 100% coverage and accuracy are not guaranteed.   The panelists:Hendrik Almstadt Daniel Stenz […]