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Nuevo Proyecto: Anotar tiros de cabeza en Primera División Argentina 2016-17

Lanzo un nuevo proyecto para coleccionar datos del fútbol — en este caso, todos los tiros de cabeza que ejecutan en la Primera División Argentina, de temporada 2016-17.  Se encuentran los archivos en el repositorio ProjectData de GitHub.En la segunda mitad de 2016 Soccermetrics entró en un acuerdo con DataFactory para crear contenido analítico acerca del […]

A New Data Project: Logging headed shots in Primera División Argentina 2016-17

A couple of weeks ago I placed a new data archive in Soccermetrics’ ProjectData repository on GitHub, but I haven’t found time to mention it until now.  I’m looking to identify all headed shots in Argentina’s Primera División this season, and I’ll explain why.I’ve been working with data from DataFactory for Argentina’s Primera and the Copa Sudamericana […]

Football weather data added to Soccermetrics ProjectData repository

As most of you know, I have a repository on GitHub called ProjectData which stores open data from a variety of soccer analytics projects.  Last night I added a folder to store weather data at football matches.Weather has an impact on the outcome of outdoor sporting events such as soccer and all of the football […]

Goal-line technology comes to soccer – what’s next?

The approval of the use of goal-line technology by FIFA’s International Football Association Board is a historic event in the evolution of the sport whose consequences may not be apparent over the near- or medium-term.First, the facts of the matter: the IFAB, which approves all changes to the Laws of the Game, unanimously approved the […]