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Do Pythagorean residuals provide insight into best manager performances?

The Pythagorean residual of a team, defined as the difference between its actual and expected point totals given identical goal statistics, is used often to assess roughly its under-performance or over-performance.  But can that residual be used to assess managerial performance, too?I’ve looked at Pythagorean tables for the most recent seasons of the English Premier League […]

Which goals scored/allowed statistics yield Pythagorean points?

When I was evaluating last season’s league projections and creating this season’s with the Pythagorean expectation, I was reminded that I hadn’t really studied which pairs of goals scored and allowed result in a specific expected point total.  In a league competition, it’s possible to reach a point total in various ways, and the combination […]

Goalscoring variances and Pythagorean residuals

There is one remaining study to complete with respect to the Pythagorean estimation before I wrap a bow around it and concentrate on something else.  Last weekend in San Francisco I touched briefly on the effect of offensive/defensive goal variances on the difference between the Pythagorean estimate and the actual point total — the Pythagorean […]