Pythagorean paper to appear in JQAS

Last night (actually early this morning) on my Twitter feed I intimated that there would be some big news forthcoming on this site.  Now that I've gotten some sleep, I can reveal it to you. 

I learned last night that my paper on the soccer Pythagorean estimation will appear in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports.  I am very excited about the news for multiple reasons.  First, this represents a culmination of over 18 months of work on the topic and I continue to be pleased with the interest that it has generated.  Second, the JQAS is a well-respected journal in the sports analytics community and it's great news that one of my works will appear there.  Third, it is a great starting point for Soccermetrics and an indication of the quality of work I want my business to achieve.

There were several people who I mentioned in the paper who helped me in the beginning, whether it was introducing me to the problem or sending me data in the initial stages of the project.  I will send them a copy of the this publication when the final draft is published.  And if Berkeley Electronic Press give me permission (authors usually retain copyright for journal publications), I will create a permanent link to the journal paper at this website.

As for publication date I'm not sure at this time, but I recall the editor saying that this article would be in a special edition on the 2010 NCSSORS, so it might appear in the spring.

Finally, thanks to all who have either helped with data collection, made comments on the formulation, or told your friends and colleagues about the soccer Pythagorean.  I've felt for some time that this work makes a really good contribution to the area of soccer analytics, and the news from JQAS serves as confirmation of that.