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The Soccer Pythagorean document

I completed my Soccer Pythagorean document a couple of days ago, but for some reason I had the hardest time developing a PDF file (I used LyX).  I figured it out tonight and I'm linking it to the site now.  I greatly appreciate your comments.Download PythagDerivationMORE (23 October, 10:50pm): I'm compiling some score data from […]

More on soccer Pythagoreans

A few days ago, I wrote about an email discussion I was having on soccer Pythagoreans.  (Here's some more information on Pythagoreans in general in case you don't know what they are.)  The development of soccer Pythagoreans is an interesting problem, and an open problem in my opinion because the underlying premises of the Pythagorean […]

National team rankings using paired comparison models

S. E. Hallinan, "Paired comparison models for ranking national soccer teams", M.S. Thesis, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2005. [PDF]This thesis extends a Bradley-Terry statistical model to accommodate for drawn results, home advantage, and neutral site matches and applies it to international results over the last ten years in order to develop an […]