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A survey of referees’ physiological and technical performance

Weston, M. et. al. (2006) "The effect of match standard and referee experience upon the objective and subjective match workload of English Premier League referees", Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 9 (3): 256-262. [Citation|PDF]Mallo, J. et al. (2009) "Physical demands of top-class soccer assistant refereeing during high-standard matches", International Journal of Sports Medicine, […]

Fair referee assignments in football

Yavuz, M., Inan, U.H., Figlali, A. "Fair referee assignments for professional football leagues", Computers and Operations Research, 35: 2937-2951, 2008. [Citation][From the abstract] Assignment of referees to football games is an important problem faced in professional football leagues. Despite its importance, the problem has received limited academic attention. This paper presents a model and analysis […]

The state-of-the-art of referee analytics in football

Analytics work in soccer has tended to focus on the performance of teams and players, but it is inevitable that attention would turn to match referees.  Assessment of referee performance — especially concerning  specific referees — is extremely important not only to the leagues and the teams, but also (let's admit this) to gambling interests.  […]