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Which goals scored/allowed statistics yield Pythagorean points?

When I was evaluating last season’s league projections and creating this season’s with the Pythagorean expectation, I was reminded that I hadn’t really studied which pairs of goals scored and allowed result in a specific expected point total.  In a league competition, it’s possible to reach a point total in various ways, and the combination […]

Pythagorean observations at end of 2012-13 European season

The 2012-13 European football season came to an end this weekend, at least in the top flight.  It won’t be officially over until the first of July, but it’s time to take a look back at the season and examine which teams were significant performers (or underperformers) relative to their statistical expectations.  And once again, […]

Pythagorean observations at three-quarter mark of 2012-13 European season

It’s the last international break of the 2012-13 European season, so it’s a good time to look at the major European leagues and observe which clubs have been over- or under-performing this season.I don’t need to tell you that the Big Five European leagues are pretty much decided, and have been decided for a while.  […]