Manchester City Opta Data Release

Earlier this summer, we had a unique opportunity to interview Gavin Fleig and gain insights on his opinions in soccer analysis.  Here’s part one and part two of that interview.

Today, Gavin is cementing his position as one of the leaders in the soccer analytics industry by releasing the entire portfolio of data for Manchester City’s 2011-2012 season.  It is meant to break the barriers that currently exist between fans, academics, coaches, and future analysts in developing metrics and analytics that truly change how the game is measured and understood.

We want to do our part in helping the development of analytics in this sport and provide our data management technology to anyone who wants to use this data to develop their analytics.  We also want to help you get noticed for your results and are inviting anyone who wants to help us develop reports and analytics to contact us.  Soccermetrics is always seeking partners and resources in analytics and data collection.

To help you manage the data and get started with your analytics, we are providing our data conversion tool for free.  You can upload the data given to you by the Manchester City/Opta release and we will convert the data to the Match Result and Match Event Database Schemas.  This will convert the data into a much more structured, readable, and analytics-friendly format.

It’s really simple.  Simply e-mail [email protected] and attach the file you’ve received and we’ll do the conversion for you.

E-mail Us to convert your ‘lite’ or ‘advanced’ data file

We’ll have more details throughout the day.

Update 1:30PM- We have a quick guide and breakdown of the Opta data scheme and structure to help you with your analytics.

Opta Data Structure & Schema


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