Call for Papers for 2011 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference has announced its call for papers for the 2011 conference.  Next year the conference will be a two-day event (4-5 March), and the research paper contest will be on the second day.  The conference is looking for submissions that will present completed research on areas of interest to the sports analytics community. 

The selection process will take place over two rounds this time. First, submitters will have to send a 300-word (max) abstract that describes the research problem, its methodology, and its major findings. Then those selected for the second round will have to submit an extended abstract of no greater than six pages.  Those who make the final cut will make 30-40 minute presentations on their work, and prizes will be given for best academic and professional papers.

Here is the timetable for the CFP:

4 October 2010 (1700 EDT): Deadline for submission of 300-word abstract in PDF format
1 November 2010: Qualifiers to second round notified
7 January 2011 (1700 EST): Deadline for submission of extended abstract
1 February 2011: Finalists notified

I haven't decided what to present at this conference, if anything.  The first submission deadline is roughly nine weeks away, which means that I need to reach completion with one of my projects.