What am I using?

From time to time, I get asked what kinds of tools I use to do some of the soccer analytics work that I talk about here.  I've thought about it and felt that perhaps I should write a list here.  I performed my coefficients work on my Windows laptops, but for everything else I've switched to my Linux notebook machine.

  • Programming languages
    • C/C++
    • Perl
    • Python
    • XML
  • Database packages
    • OpenOffice Base (mySQL)
    • PostgresSQL
    • Treshna BOND/BONDDB
  • Mathematical/Statistical packages
    • Scilab
    • R
  • Text editing
    • UltraEdit (I had to pay, but well worth it)
    • gedit
    • vim
  • Publication/presentation packages
    • LaTeX
    • LyX
    • Prosper/Beamer class
    • OpenOffice Impress

The reader can sense a theme with the type of software that I use.  My analytics work has definitely allowed me to expand my math and programming expertise in interesting directions, and I've picked up some additional skills as well (e.g. database programming).