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Goal-line technology comes to soccer – what’s next?

The approval of the use of goal-line technology by FIFA’s International Football Association Board is a historic event in the evolution of the sport whose consequences may not be apparent over the near- or medium-term.First, the facts of the matter: the IFAB, which approves all changes to the Laws of the Game, unanimously approved the […]

Another article on the EPL stats revolution

Moneyball, the movie, premieres in Britain this weekend and there will be a private advance screening at Prozone tonight.  As part of the advance preparation for the premiere here is an article from the Daily Mail on the impact that Opta and Prozone's data has had on how we understand the Premier League and assess […]

Proprietary data problem: not just limited to soccer

I've blogged on a couple of occasions about the issue of in-match data in soccer that is collected by sports data companies and considered proprietary information.  It presents a complication in soccer analytics because of the traditional lack of statistics surrounding the game. American sports have more historical team and player data of individual matches than […]

Another opportunity for soccer analytics

On the heels of the Opta announcement is another opportunity for soccer analytics people that I found out about at the SSAC today.  There is a startup called StatDNA that has devoted a lot of time to collect in-match data and develop statistical measurements that generate information from those data.  They are organizing a contest […]

Soccer analytics are only as good as the data

Staying with Sarah's site for another post, as she has posted her thoughts on the problem of data quality in football.  All this is motivated by the controversial goal scored by David Villa of Barcelona, and the different offside pictures of the same event published by four Spanish media outlets.  Her post also dovetails with […]

The state-of-the-art of referee analytics in football

Analytics work in soccer has tended to focus on the performance of teams and players, but it is inevitable that attention would turn to match referees.  Assessment of referee performance — especially concerning  specific referees — is extremely important not only to the leagues and the teams, but also (let's admit this) to gambling interests.  […]