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Can soccer analytics produce better soccer?

The subject of this post is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, but wasn’t motivated to write something until I read that Paul Gardner anti-analytics piece in Soccer America.  (I referenced it in the SRC Newsletter, which you really should subscribe to if you haven’t already.)  Here’s the final paragraph:——- To sum up: until […]

Statistical analysts and professional sports teams: a view from Bill Gerrard

I start off 2012 with a look at an article from 2011 — this piece in the Royal Statistical Society's Getstats campaign by Leeds University professor Bill Gerrard on his experiences as a statistical analyst with professional baseball, soccer, and rugby teams.  Gerrard had famously partnered with Billy Beane on some analytics work with the […]

Proprietary data problem: not just limited to soccer

I've blogged on a couple of occasions about the issue of in-match data in soccer that is collected by sports data companies and considered proprietary information.  It presents a complication in soccer analytics because of the traditional lack of statistics surrounding the game. American sports have more historical team and player data of individual matches than […]

Implementing a Moneyball approach in complex team sports

B. Gerrard, "Is the Moneyball Approach Transferable to Complex Invasion Team Sports?", International Journal of Sport Finance, 2: 214-230, 2007. [Citation]This paper analyzes reasons for the success of Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics as described in the best-seller Moneyball using a benchmarking technique and investigates the development of a knowledge-based strategy in conjunction with systematic […]

A look inside Manchester City’s performance department

A few days ago, the Performance Analysis group at Manchester City Football Club released a pair of videos that demonstrate the role that analysis has in player development, match preparation, and match analysis. The first video looks at the use of performance analysis for opposition scouting and youth development, and the second video describes its […]