A couple of articles worth mentioning

Over the last couple of days I read a pair of articles that followed on some previous posts of mine.  I retweeted one, but I haven't mentioned the other until now.

The first is the conversation that Moneyball writer Michael Lewis and Billy Beane had about the book, the movie, and the state of analytics in sport, all of which was recorded by Simon Kuper and published in the Financial Times Magazine.  The article was written in advance of Moneyball's premiere in the UK later this month, but even for those of us in the States who have already seen the movie, It is a very engaging read.  But it was written by Kuper, so why would it not be?

The second was cited by a commenter to the above article.  It was written in Baseball Prospectus by the late Doug Pappas and appears to be the first sabermetrics article that presented the "marginal cost per win" metric.  It wasn't referenced by Bill Gerrard in his Moneyball paper (who did exactly the same type of analysis), so I am remedying that error by mentioning the article here.