Soccermetrics is now a Flashpoint company

Earlier this week, I made a tweet about an impending Major Announcement for the company, which I then disclosed on the SRC Newsletter.  I know that not all of my readers subscribe to the newsletter (and why not?) so it’s time to reveal the news to everyone.

We can now confirm that SRC has been accepted into the summer class of Flashpoint, the startup accelerator at Georgia Tech.  Flashpoint is similar to other accelerators like TechStars and Y-Combinator in that it provides seed funding, access to mentors and investors, and presentations to investors (Atlanta, NYC, and San Francisco Bay Area), but it also provides entrepreneurial education and an open co-working space.   Needless to say, we are extremely excited about the news and view it is the culmination of a lot of work over the past 12 months!

Most companies go into stealth mode when they enter an accelerator program, and don’t even mention that they are in the program until Demo Day.  We’ll keep quiet about what we’re developing during the program, but we’ll continue to have a presence on the blog and the social networks.  Our blog precedes the formation of the company by at least 18 months, and it’s the best marketing tool that we have, so it makes sense to keep it open.  Major League Soccer and the European Championships will give us plenty to write about, we want to continue building and growing the soccer analytics community, and we want to chronicle our experience in this exciting program.

There will be further implications of this news in the days to come, with significant changes coming to the company.  Right now, we’re very excited for Soccermetrics, and we want to make the soccer analytics community proud over the coming months.