Introducing ResultsPage

Tonight is an important milestone for Soccermetrics, as we present for the first time our initial web-based application that was built using our own web services (APIs).  It is called ResultsPage and you can find it at

The primary motivation behind ResultsPage is to automate the Pythagorean tables that we’ve created since the early days of Soccermetrics.  Instead of having tables printed at four points during the season, you can select a matchday and view the results and tables at the end of that matchday.

We’re also including the conventional league table and the Cann table, which visually represents the point gaps between teams in the competition.  Another table that we will release in the near future is a Series table, which presents the competition as a combination of aggregate-goal series between competing clubs.

All of the data on the application are served through our own RESTful web APIs that supply match data and analytics.  So yes, we’re eating our own caviar here.

Now, is this application all that unique?  No, to be honest — there are tons of pages like this around the web.  But this app is useful to us as we understand how our APIs are used in practice, refine our product development processes, try out different features, and study the reaction of our users as they access and share various pages. And of course, it’s just plain fun!

Over time we’ll introduce additional functionality to the application such as in-season (or even multiple-season) comparisons of goal statistics, head-to-head matchups, and even some limited league projections.  We’ll include results and tables from other leagues and various types of competitions, whether knockout competitions like the English FA Cup, competitions with playoffs like MLS, or mixed league/knockout competitions like the UEFA Champions League.

We appreciate your comments and feedback, and we hope you enjoy using the application as we did building it.

(Caveat: One small warning about the match results page. You might get an error if you try to directly access the URL for a specific matchday as opposed to following a link. We’ll fix this in our next release.)