A dedicated SRC software development site

I have set up a FTP site that will store the executable files related to Soccermetrics' open-source development projects.  It's become very clear to me that Github, while an excellent code repository host, is not the best option for storing binary files.  It will become even more unwieldy as I create branches from the main development branch; the thought of carrying 50MB+ of files in each branch is not very appealing.

The site is located at http://www.src-development.net and contains a link to the public FTP site.  To access the site, enter "[email protected]" in the username and any string for a password. 

If you have a FTP client, you can access public FTP through the following:

site: ftp.src-development.net
username: [email protected]
password: <any text>

If you look in the fmrd-desktop folder, you will find various versions with zipped files and single executable files.  The zipped files are self-contained, with SQL code that sets up and loads the database and user and developer documentation.

This addition should make it easier for me and for those users who just want to download the executable files.