Introduction to Soccermetrics Podcasts

We are starting a new feature on the site — Soccermetrics Podcasts.

The Soccermetrics Podcasts will be an information and interview series with leading figures in the soccer analytics world.  Soccer analytics will be the primary focus, but we’ll have conversations about the business side of football as well as analytics developments in related sports.

All of the podcasts are available from the iTunes Store so that you can subscribe to the show and hear previous episodes again.  You’ll also be able to watch or listen to selected episodes from our YouTube channel.

We welcome your comments on Soccermetrics Podcasts, whether related to the content or technical issues (e.g. audio quality), as well as suggestions for future guests.  Send them to [email protected].

I hope you enjoy the Soccermetrics Podcasts and find them enjoyable and informative.