Errors in Wikipedia football pages

And now it's time to talk about the error-ridden Wikipedia page for the Championship.  I use the results matrix to develop league tables from which I develop a Pythagorean table.  I match up the league table against the table on the Wikipedia site to verify that all of the data line up correctly (sort of like a unit test).  It turned out that not only were several league results reported erroneously, there were errors in the league table as well.  In the end, I had to verify results using a third website (the Football League site doesn't separate results per club, so the site proved invaluable). 

Here are the results that were reported incorrectly on the Wikipedia site:

Norwich City 1-1 Cardiff City (erroneously reported 0-1)

Swansea City 1-0 Middlesbrough (missing result)

Middlesbrough 1-0 Sheffield United (missing result)

For Sheffield United, their record in the league table was wrong.  United have played 26 matches, won 7, drawn 6, lost 13, with 25 goals scored and 41 allowed (27 points), not 26 goals scored and 42 allowed as reported in Wikipedia.  That goal record was not corrected even after the missing 0-1 result was included.

This is not the first time that I've spotted errors in the Wikipedia football result pages.  I found league result errors in the matrix for this season's La Liga, and additional errors in the 2009 MLS regular season.  I am not sure if those errors have been corrected.

As in so many other areas, Wikipedia contains a wealth of useful information, as long as you don't assume that everything you find there is accurate.

UPDATE:  It was the 2009 MLS season page that had erroneous results, not last season's page.  I've corrected the text above.

Here are the matches that are incorrect:

DC United 2-0 New York (DCU Match #13) — recorded correctly in RBNY line

LA Galaxy 0-2 Seattle (LAG Match #21) — recorded correctly in Seattle line

New York 5-0 Toronto (RBNY Match #30) — recorded correctly in Toronto line

All three matches are home matches for the team listed first, which means that whoever entered the results had a brief lapse and forgot to list the home score second, which was the common practice with the unbalanced schedule grid.  Last season was a balanced schedule, so the conventional results grid was used (home team score first), which is much more convenient for everyone.

UPDATE #2 (21:09, 19 Jan): I decided to take some initiative and edit the Wikipedia page myself. The 2009 MLS regular season results are correct now.