Well, that was eventful

Today was quite an eventful travel day.  No, not because of the flight.  The two plane rides I had were very uneventful, the best kind, actually. 

The real issue was my mobile phone.  I have had a Blackberry Curve for a little over two years, and the rollerball has acted up on several occasions to the point where I couldn't scroll down.  On previous occasions the ball problem has resolved itself, but this time I wasn't able to scroll down at all.  That was a huge problem because I would not be able to access any option or icon that would force me to scroll, so the phone was essentially useless.  The AT&T store in Boston said that they couldn't open the front panel to clean the ball, which was the least disruptive option (at least to me).  But they said that I was eligible for an upgrade, so after a taxi ride to get to the store before closing time, I'm the new owner of an iPhone 3GS. 

Bottom line is that I have a new phone to figure out in addition to navigating the conference tomorrow.  I'm able to receive phone calls and emails from Gmail, but text messages are a little iffy right now.  If you want to contact me, the best way is to send me a message on Gmail and I will call you back.

If all else fails, look for the tall shaven well-built black guy wearing an olive gray business suit and carrying a CONCACAF Champions League laptop bag.