Sloan conference complete

Today was the day of the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and I spent all day at the conference interacting with participants from the world of sport, finance, and other technical fields.  It was a very enjoyable conference and I am in the middle of writing a summary of what went on.  I return to Arizona tomorrow night and I hope to have something published on this blog when I get home.  There might be multiple posts and it might take me several days to fully digest what was discussed here.

It was a pleasure meeting all those with whom I conversed at the conference, and I thank the conference organizers for putting together a fantastic event.  A 1000-attendee conference is an extremely difficult task (a 100-person conference isn't much easier!), but the planners pulled it off very well.

In summary, I arrived at the conference thinking that there might be a market for improved statistical analysis in soccer, and I left the conference absolutely certain of it.