Another sports analytics conference in the UK

The Manchester Business School is hosting a new Sports Analytics Conference to be held on the 16th of November.  According to the organizers, the conference "is a unique opportunity for High Performance sports professionals to gain a thorough understanding of this revolutionary discipline [sports analytics]."  The list of speakers is still to be confirmed, but it looks like a quality collection of the top figures from academia, consultancy, and professional sport:

  • Bill Gerrard (University of Leeds)
  • Ian Graham (Decision Technology)
  • Raffaele Poli (Football Observatory)
  • Fergus Connolly (Consultant)
  • Andrew Higginson (Tesco)
  • Rob Lowe (Opta)
  • Mike Forde (Chelsea FC)
  • Steven Houston (Hamburg SV)

Attendance at the conference is invitation-only, and nothing has appeared in my inbox.  I'll let you know if the organizers let me inside the velvet ropes.