MIT SSAC to feature a soccer-specific session

I wasn't aware of this until Sarah Rudd alerted me to it on Twitter, but this year's MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference will have a Soccer Analytics session.  (Hey, it's not like I'm checking the website everyday!)  Last year's conference had an Emerging Analytics panel discussion which features representatives from soccer and American football, but both sports will be given their own sessions.  Now that the conference has been expanded to two days, there is more time for panel discussions and hopefully fewer of them will run concurrently.

Here is a link to all of the panels that have been confirmed for the 2011 conference, as well as a list of confirmed panelists.  At this time, Landon Donovan and Sunil Gulati are the two soccer people who have confirmed their attendance.  I hope to see some representatives from England and Continental Europe, but I doubt they will confirm their attendance until sometime next month.