Soccermetrics hits the terrible twos

A quick look at my post archive has reminded me that this weekend marked the two-year anniversary of Soccermetrics.  I wasn't able to write a post yesterday because I wasn't near a computer (and there was too much going on yesterday anyway), but I don't think anyone will kick up a fuss about me being a day late on my own blogiversary.

The second year has been an eventful one as I have developed a couple of soccer analytics projects, discussed some interesting work being done by others, made appearances at a couple of sports analytics conferences, and spun off some of my work into a side "business" (more like a hobby right now with some official trappings of a business, although that could change in the future).  It's hard work developing posts for this site, but ultimately rewarding to see the attention that some of my posts have received. 

There are a couple of important posts that I hope to complete soon, the first in a couple days, the second in a month (hopefully).  The first will present my updated thoughts on Moneyball and soccer, now that I've had two years of this website under my belt.  The second will provide an update of the development of that Football Match Result Database, provided that I'm able to complete a working data entry app.  Lots of people have made inquiries about it over the past year, and development has taken a lot longer than I would have liked, but I'm getting close to placing my cards on the table.

Thank you again for visiting this site and for telling others about it; I am gratified and humbled by the locations around the world where this site has been read and discussed.  This website aims to be at the forefront of research and development of soccer analytics, and I hope to be closer to the peak in the coming year.