London’s calling again

I do have a technical post that I’m trying to finish tonight, but I wanted to post this message before I forget it.

I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago, but I wanted to repeat on the site that I will be attending the Opta Analytics Forum in London on Thursday.  My travel plans are now much more complicated than they were 48 hours ago because of the London Underground strike, but it means that I’ll be getting into central London via Heathrow Express and a taxi instead of the Tube.

Whenever I’m in London I like to organize a drinkup with fellow people working in football analytics (betting/media/club/etc), but this time I knew that OptaPro would have their own post-Forum event so I didn’t want to stomp all over theirs.  The organizers have selected the Marlborough Arms as their meeting spot, so even if you weren’t able to attend the Analytics Forum, you should be able to attend the after party.  It should start around 6pm.  If you want to meet me, that will probably be your best spot.

I do plan on interviewing some of the Forum presenters for a future Soccermetrics Podcast episode, but I haven’t settled on the logistics.  It would be nice to do it at the Forum or the post-Forum party but I think things will be busy (and noisy).  I’ll figure something out.

I look forward to meeting with you at the conference.  And if you can’t attend you can follow proceedings on Twitter (#OptaProForum).