Updated CONCACAF club coefficients, 2009-05-14 version

[Cross-posted at HexagonalBlog]

There's still one more match of the CONCACAF Champions League
remaining, but I decided not to wait any longer to post the latest
CONCACAF club coefficients.  I've accounted for matches in the knockout
rounds, including the first leg of the final. 

The second leg
won't change the league coefficients that much — it'll just widen
Mexico's advantage — but it will change the club coefficients. 
Atlante will move into a tie for first on the club coefficient ranking
if they draw their home match, and will take over first place outright
if they win.  Cruz Azul will remain fourth in the ranking regardless of
the second leg result.

I'll update the rankings file after the second leg.

(UPDATE: The rankings file has been updated.  I have it saved as a spreadsheet in OpenOffice and Excel formats.)