CONCACAF coefficients, now on Wikipedia

Apparently someone has written an article on the CONCACAF club/league coefficients on Wikipedia.  It references both the current set of CONCACAF coefficients and my formulae for calculating them.  There are some discrepancies that need to be addressed, however:

  • The league coefficient is explained but the results of the league
    calculations are not presented.  There are also +2 bonus points awarded
    for advancing to later rounds of the Champions League proper.
  • The club coefficient formula is not presented.
  • CONCACAF does not use my exact formulae to determine seeds for
    future Champions League competitions.  I don't know what they have, but
    the results of their calculations just happen to match what I'm seeing.  This is what
    CONCACAF officials have told me, but maybe they've started to use my
    formulae, in which case we should talk.

If I have time, I'll attempt to edit the page, but I have lots of other things to do at the moment.