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FMRD is now Marcotti

Effective today, the Football Match Result Database (FMRD) will now be known as Marcotti.I tend not to put much imagination into naming software packages.  I find it difficult to think of a clever name on demand, and at any rate, I prefer to channel that imagination into writing better software code. (That famous saying about […]

Introducing the Football Match Result and Summary Database

The ‘lite’ dataset released by the MCFC Analytics project last weekend is a massive dump of almost 200 summary in-match metrics for every player who participated in every match of the 2011-12 English Premier League — more than 10,000 records and 2 million data cells.  We set out to convert that dataset into something more […]

Introducing the Football Match Event Database

Manchester City Football Club have launched an exciting initiative in which they have released the full set of 2011-12 Premier League touch-by-touch data compiled by Opta Sports.  This initiative creates an opportunity to support the development of new team and player performance metrics in football, but also creates challenges in modeling a very rich in-match […]

Final rotation practices at the 2012 Olympic Men’s Football Competition

We start our statistical retrospective of the 2012 Olympic football competition with a look at the rotation practices of the 16 finalists.  This is in the same vein as similar analyses for the Africa Cup of Nations and the European Championships and includes the squad rotations through the end of the knockout stage (“medal round” […]