We’re looking for a software developer

[2012-06-30: This position has been filled.  We’re always looking for outstanding talent, so if you’re interested in applying your skills for the next generation of soccer analytics please send a cover letter and CV to [email protected].]

In January I announced a search for a business partner on this site, and I was pleased with the level of responses that I received.  That search was successful and that person and I worked on several projects together in the past four months.  I have returned to this blog to publicize another search for talent.

Soccermetrics is looking for a software developer to lead development of our web-based analytics applications and APIs.  These technologies leverage both the database schemas  (FMRD, FMRD-Light, and FMED) and the various algorithms created by Soccermetrics to model match events and extract advanced metrics of player and team performance.  This developer should be a “generalist” and will work with Howard on refining the codebase already created, implementing formalized software development procedures and practices, and rapidly developing and iterating web-based applications.  Over time the ideal developer will be expected to lead Soccermetrics’ software development efforts, and will receive an equity stake commensurate with a VP or co-founder level (with conventional vesting procedures, of course).

We strongly prefer that the developer be based in the Atlanta metro, but that is no longer a requirement.  If you are not based in Atlanta and are invited to an interview, you will have to travel here (some limited compensation can be discussed).

The REQUIRED technical competencies:

  • Extensive experience in Python (2.6-2.7 required, 3+ desirable) and Perl
  • Development experience on Linux platforms
  • Experience in Python-based web application development frameworks (Django, Flask), from initiation to deployment
  • Knowledgeable with relational database design and engines (PostgreSQL required, SQLite and MySQL preferred)
  • Experience with version-control tools (we use Git)
  • Proficient with testing/QA best practices
  • A record of previous software development projects, especially open-source projects on GitHub

The desired (but not required skills):

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs
  • Knowledgeable with object-relational mappers (SQLAlchemy preferred, but will use others)
  • Knowledgeable and/or passionate about soccer!

Any other programming/development skills (eg Apple platform, Ruby, Rails, Clojure, etc) will be welcomed.

The key skills required for success in this position really boil down to three questions:

  • Can you get stuff done?
  • Can you get stuff done quickly?
  • Can you get stuff done quickly and not be a jerk?

If you can answer “Yes” to all three of those questions, let’s chat.  If automation is something you’re passionate about, let’s definitely chat, unless you answered “No” to any of the above questions.

And finally, the minimum required education and/or experience:

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related technical degree with 2-3 years experience in general programming and web application development.
  • Equivalent experience of 5-7 years in general programming and web application development.

If you’re read this far and you believe that you’re who we’re looking for, please send us a cover letter, a CV, and samples of your previous work to [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.