Soccermetrics to create World Cup analytics content with DataFactory

I am pleased to announce that Soccermetrics will provide advanced analytics content on every match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in cooperation with sports data company DataFactory.


For close to two years Soccermetrics has partnered with DataFactory, the leading sports statistical data company in South America, to create advanced analytics content from their match data of Argentina’s top flight (Primera División and the newly rebranded Superliga) and CONMEBOL’s Copa Sudamericana and Copa Libertadores. You’ve seen graphics such as match formations, expected goal maps, and passing networks, as well as deep data dives of the important matches of the competitions. It has been an experience providing a unique view on competitions that attract a lot of attention from the Americas and beyond.

One of the goals of this partnership has been to present more soccer analytics content in Spanish. There has been a rough 50/50 split in English and Spanish content for the Superliga and other competitions that Soccermetrics has covered (almost all of the visualizations were written in English).

For the upcoming tournament, Soccermetrics will present the majority of the analytics content in Spanish.

There will be a lot of English-language content on the World Cup from a lot of places, and Soccermetrics wishes to stand out. I have always felt that there is an opportunity to present analytics content to populations that have been underserved but are no less passionate about the game.  This summer presents an opportunity, and the experience of the last two years has given Soccermetrics the confidence to go all-in with Spanish-language content.

As always, I would like to thank Ernesto Cambursano, CEO of DataFactory, for his continued support, as well as the DataFactory technical and administrative teams for their continued assistance and availability.