Introducing the Soccermetrics Interviews

The centerpiece of the Soccermetrics Newsletter is an in-depth interview with researchers, thought leaders, and practitioners in soccer analytics.  The interviews have been a great experience as they provide a view of the current state of analytics from a variety of perspectives, and they have given me an opportunity to get to know some really smart and interesting people in this space.

I have decided to place all of the interviews on the Soccermetrics website under the Soccermetrics Interviews category.  One motivation is that I want the interviews to reach as many people as possible.  A second motivation is that there is an education and evangelism component to soccer analytics, and these interviews serve as part of the process of educating the public about different aspects and challenges of analytics, and promoting some of its applications as well.

I’ve stated several times that Soccermetrics is a company with the same objectives as any other business, but we aim to meet those objectives by serving and nurturing the soccer analytics community.  Providing a wider distribution to these interviews is part of that process.

I hope you enjoy the interviews as much as I’ve enjoyed conducting them.