MLS beta-tests its Opta-enhanced website

Major League Soccer is beta-testing its new website which is to be enhanced with in-match data from Opta Sports.  There are more data presented than before, but consider me decidedly underwhelmed by the total package. 

First of all, there are no data that indicate where, specifically, on the field a match event occurred.  It is true that there is information that tells on what side the event took place and whether it took place inside the penalty area, but specific field position is lacking.  Neither are there data on where passes by a player initiated or terminated.  What Opta does choose to show is in a nice rectangular format, so perhaps one could download it for further analysis.  And if the match commentary is in a standardized form, it might be possible to write a parser to obtain time-stamped match data. 

Perhaps this is the first iteration of what Opta plan on releasing to fans, but as of this moment the match data are not as comprehensive as what I was expecting.