Update on SSAC soccer analytics forum

There have been changes to the lineup for the Soccer Analytics forum at this year's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.  Landon Donovan and Sunil Gulati are no longer listed as panelists, but there are some other participants:

  • Bruno Aziza (Microsoft)
  • Gavin Flieg (Manchester City)
  • Steven Houston (Chelsea)
  • Blake Wooster (Prozone)
  • Ian Graham (Decision Technology, University of Warwick)

Once again there are two representatives from Chelsea and Manchester City at the forum.  It makes sense to see Prozone represented as well, given their reach in supplying in-match data to clubs and leagues.  Ian Graham is the creator of the Castrol performance index and comes from a mathematical modeling background, so it will be interesting to get his thoughts on all of the performance indices out there.

The session will be moderated by Marc Stein, who isn't a soccer writer (he does NBA for ESPN) but he is a fan — of Manchester City no less!  Hopefully he'll be a better moderator than last year's (she wasn't terrible, but she wasn't all that knowledgable about soccer and it showed in some of her guiding questions).

There doesn't appear to be any panelists from non-Anglo countries, which is unfortunate but an indication of where the soccer analytics work is centered.