Two late-summer analytics conferences

There are two sport analytics conferences later this year that deserve attention.

The first is the 8th European Conference on Sport Economics, organized by the European Sport Economics Association (ESEA) and hosted at the University of Groningen from 31 August to 2 September.  The conference will have presentations on papers discussing — you guessed it — economic issues in sport.  This year, there will be dedicated sessions on “health economics” (not exactly sure what that is) and economics surrounding the Olympic Games.  The organizers are accepting abstracts of presentations until 31 March, so if you have a finished work, work in progress, or even a conceptual idea, follow the above link and make a submission.

The second conference is a new event called the Cascadia Symposium on Statistics in Sports (CASSIS), to be held at Simon Fraser University on 24 September.  The conference is being organized by Profs. Luke Bornn and Tim Swartz, statistics professors at Simon Fraser University.  Luke has been doing fantastic work with Kirk Goldsberry on in-match performance using NBA player positional data, and has started to do similar work in soccer.  It looks like CASSIS is positioning itself as a clone of the biannual NESSIS conferences and a follow-on to the NCSSORS conferences that Ben Alamar organized in Northern California, which is a high bar but I am very confident that Luke will put together a fantastic conference.  The call for abstracts hasn’t been made, but I suspect that it will happen within the next two to four weeks.

If you are organizing a sports analytics conference with significant math, stats, or data analysis content, please send your Call for Papers notice to [email protected].