The 7th World Congress on Science and Football

The World Congress on Science and Football is a quadrennial conference that draws academics and professionals from all over the world to discuss issues related to the intersection of football with the physical, mathematical, and social sciences.  It is unique in that it has discussions on all of the football codes — from association, to American/Canadian football, Australian and Gaelic football, and rugby union or league. 

The previous Congress was in Antalya, Turkey in 2007.  The next Congress will be in Nagoya, Japan from 26-30 May 2011.  The call for papers will be released in July 2010 on the following topics:

  • Sports biomechanics and engineering
  • Match and skill analysis
  • Exercise physiology and training science
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Social science and management
  • Psychology
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to football

It appears to be a conference more geared toward the academic researchers, as they have the travel budgets to be able to fly out to Japan for a week.  I know some of them read this site, and others might find it on interest as well.