A spot for the SSAC meetup

We've decided on a location for the meetup of soccer analysts attending the SSAC later this week.  It will be at MJ O'Connor's, which is an Irish-styled pub in the lobby of the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel.  The Westin is attached to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and is within walking distance of the other recommended hotels, but a taxi might be a better option with the below freezing temperatures.

Sarah didn't mention a time in her message to me, but the Friday night mixer ends at 7pm, so I'll take the initiative and say that we're going to meet at the bar starting at 7:30.  That should give people time to freshen up and change clothes if they like.

So to summarize: the meetup of soccer analysts at the SSAC will be this Friday, March 4 at MJ O'Connor's at the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel, starting at 7:30pm.