A sports analytics conference in Australia

Sports analytics conferences continue to pop up all over the world.  Once such conference that I was made aware of is the Asia-Pacific Sports Analytics Conference that will take place 22 July in Melbourne.  According to the official site, the conference is “the premier forum for industry professionals and executives interested in the role of data and analytics in the Australian and global sports industry”.  A closer look of the site indicates a mix of presenters and panelists from the academic, industry, and government sectors (the Minister of Sport for the state of Victoria is scheduled to appear), so it appears to be more closely related to the Leaders in Sport conferences than the MIT Sloan Sport Analytics Conference.  You can get a flavor of the conference by watching the videos from last year’s conference.

It looks like an intriguing conference.  I have a long-standing interest in Australian sport — there are some interesting things going on there in terms of performance analysis and sport science, and the industry is eager to learn from practices in other sports.  And Australian sports people are among the nicest and most accessible people I’ve ever met in world sport.

UPDATE: In the comments, Graham Webster brought my attention to another analytics conference taking place in Melbourne — the 13th annual Australasian Conference on Computers and Mathematics in Sport that will take place ten days before the aforementioned conference.  I thank him for mentioning it.