Speaking at 13th FSU Sports Management Conference

On Friday I will give a presentation at the 13th Sports Management Conference hosted by Florida State University's Sports Management program.  My talk is entitled "Entrepreneurship and Soccer Analytics", which isn't the best title that I could come up with but nevertheless covers the scope of my presentation.  I will talk about the motivation for analytics in soccer, discuss the challenges to developing successful and meaningful analytics, and present my view of the current state-of-the-art and future directions.  Throughout the presentation I will talk about my motivations for starting my company and the lessons that I am learning along the way.

Like NCSSORS and NESSIS, I expect it to be an intimate conference, but unlike those two conferences it will be less technical and more focused on sports business and college sports.  If you're in Tallahassee or northwest Florida and would like to attend, you can find more information at the conference website.

I will post my presentation on the blog and the company's public FTP site, but not until after 12:30pm EDT on Friday.