Will appear at 2017 Joint Mathematics Meeting

I’m pleased to announce that I will present at the Mathematics and Sports track of the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meeting, to be held January 4-6 in my hometown of Atlanta.  There will a record 31 presentations in the track, so it will be broken up into three sessions that will occur on three consecutive afternoons.

My presentation will be in the third session on Friday and is titled “A Bayesian analysis of draft pick value in Major League Soccer”.  This presentation will focus more on the mathematics surrounding my CASSIS talk last weekend, but will frame the math within a Bayesian framework (prior, likelihood, and posterior).  The JMM talk will be more mathematical than the CASSIS one, but nevertheless I’ll try to make it understandable to a broader audience.

If you are attending the conference, I look forward to welcoming you to my city.  See you at JMM!


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