I won’t be at 2015 OptaPro Forum, but my work will be there

A couple of months ago, OptaPro — Opta Sports’ professional services branch — announced a call for proposals for its Analytics Forum in early February.  Over 100 proposals were submitted, including a couple of mine.

I am pleased to announce that one of my proposals was one of ten accepted for presentation at the Forum — initial results on a career statistical forecasting framework for football players who play in and transfer between multiple leagues.  The objective is to create a soccer equivalent of projection systems like PECOTA and SCHOENE that incorporates machine learning as much as possible.  (Yes, a clever name is forthcoming.)

Unfortunately I do not have the funds or availability to travel to London to present.  I am very grateful that my friend Simon Harriyott has agreed to present my work at the Forum.  It’s a challenge to put together a presentation that someone else will present, especially when the presentation is on a work in progress.  But I am working as hard as possible on both the project and the presentation so that Simon can give the best presentation possible.

Apologies if you are expecting me to appear in London next month, but thanks to Simon my work will be there.