Journal of Sports Analytics launches

The theory and practice of sports analytics has grown exponentially over the last eight to ten years, and a number of conferences, symposia, and journals have formed to fill the demand for an exchange of information.  I found out about one such journal that launched very recently called the Journal of Sports Analytics.

The JSA was founded by Philip Maymin, a finance and risk engineering professor at New York University, and Eugene Shen, an analytics consultant with the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens (both of whom serve as co-editors-in-chief).  The journal’s objective is to serve as a forum for high-quality work on sports analytics research and its applications, aimed at analytically minded members of the sports industry as well as the academic research community.  It is ambitious to seek papers that are academically rigorous yet also compelling to practitioners in the sports world, but in my opinion it’s a goal worth pursuing.

The JSA has issued a general call for submissions, which you can read at the link.  If you wish to submit a paper, follow this link.

UPDATE: I am pleased to announce that I will be a reviewer of soccer-related submissions to the Journal of Sports Analytics.  Reviews are a double-blind process, so I won’t know the identity of the authors, and the authors probably won’t know that I’m reviewing their paper (but I guess my writing style could be a tipoff).  Please DO NOT send submissions to me; submit them by following the link mentioned above.  (These reviews are totally separate from the Paper Discussions series on the blog.)