Getting ready for the Sports Analytics Conference

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If you still haven't registered for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, it's too late.  The conference has officially sold out with over 800 1000 attendees.  The previous two meetings were at the MIT campus with a much smaller attendance, and now it's so big that it had to be moved to the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center.

I didn't want to leave anything to chance, so I purchased my ticket over two months ago.

I know that a number of my readers will be at the conference, and I look forward to meeting you there, whether in a session, in the hallways, or in a breakout area.  If you wish to talk to me at the conference please send me an email (howard dot h dot hamilton at gee mail) and we can make arrangements…I get notifications on my Blackberry when I receive a new message. 

I will arrive in Boston on Friday night.  Here is what I plan on doing during the conference…

0900-1020 Mostly free, might see some of Baseball Analytics panel discussion
1040-1200 Emerging Analytics panel discussion (primary focus)
1040-1115 Pythagorean extension paper (First 10 minutes maybe)
1125-1200 Adjusted basketball +/- paper (First 10 minutes maybe)
1210-1250 Bloomberg Sports lunch presentation
1300-1435 Limits of Moneyball panel
1435-1755 Free

For those of you who want to pose questions to the panelists at the conference, you can either tweet them to @SloanSportsConf or include the hash tag #ssac.  Or if they are long questions, you can forward them to me and I'll send them to the conference organizers.