Confirmed: Will be at 2011 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

My research paper did not get accepted for next year's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, but I will be at the conference anyway.  I submitted my registration tonight.

The conference will be a two-day event (4-5 March), with more panel discussions, an expanded research paper track (with research proceedings!), and a trade show for established businesses and startups.  I am very interested in the trade show, and I might put forward an exhibit if (a) I have real products to show by then and (b) the requirements/costs aren't too steep.

UPDATE: After contacting the organizers and obtaining the price list, I've decided not to participate in the trade show.  It will be a no-fooling trade show and exhibit with the costs to match (starting at $2,500), and it's not something I can do right now.  Looks like it will be pressing flesh and handing out business cards in the lobby again next year!